Tablet Friendly MYACCESS

Tablet Ready MYACCESS

While we know local governments have not abandoned their desktop PCs, it’s also true that over the past couple years our local government clients are increasingly bringing their own devices to work.

At NYCLASS, we believe that you should have ready access to your account information. With that in mind, we have untethered you from your PC giving you a tablet-friendly version of MYACCESS with command over your account information at all times. So, whether you are being asked a question in a council meeting or checking to see if a wire transfer arrived after getting home late from work, you will always have access to the account information you need via the device of your choice.

The functionality of MYACCESS remains the same on a tablet, but here is some important information you should know to improve your experience:

  • Supported operating systems: iOS (iPad), Android (Nexus, Galaxy, Nook, Kindle), and Windows 10 (Surface).
  • Browser compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Sign on from using your current credentials.

For more information about MYACCESS, or for general assistance with your account, please contact NYCLASS Client Services.


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