Three Ways to Update Your Account for the New Year!

12.18 - NYCLASS InvestorThe end of the year is a great opportunity to ensure that your NYCLASS account information and MYACCESS contacts are correct and up-to-date. Please take a few moments to review your NYCLASS account(s) and verify the following information.

12.18 - Michigan CLASS Updating Banking Information 12.18 - Michigan CLASS Updating Contact Information 12.18 - Michigan Investor Updating Subaccounts

As always, the NYCLASS MYACCESS Online Portal strives to provide the highest level of security for not only processing transactions but also retrieving important account information. We strongly encourage you utilize NYCLASS MYACCESS for all account activity including accessing monthly statements and confirmations. To request NYCLASS MYACCESS credentials, please contact Client Services. See you in 2019!

Double Check Your Information in MYACCESS

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