Processing Your NYCLASS Transactions Online

Texas CLASS MYACCESS Transactions

NYCLASS is committed to ensuring a secure online transaction experience through MYACCESS. We have implemented and maintain strong security measures for MYACCESS because we understand the risks associated with accessing public financial information online.

What Makes MYACCESS Secure?
  1. The “Safe Zone”: MYACCESS is a service running on a web server that is not Internet-facing but rather operates in a “safe zone” that stores the data in a secure environment. The server is monitored to identify any possible attempt at unauthorized access.
  2. Multifactor Authentication: In order to access their information, NYCLASS Participants are required to provide multifactor authentication. In other words, MYACCESS makes it extremely difficult for a non-authorized person to access your local government’s account. It considers your username and password, identifies your computer, and recognizes your geographic location should it be different from your initial login.
  3. Masked Account Numbers: There are some critical pieces of information that if lost could lead to fraudulent activity, most notably bank account numbers. While your passwords and security questions help ensure authorized online access, masking the account numbers is one step further to maintain the confidentiality of your accounts.
Why Your Email Might not be as Secure as You Think…

While your office email is almost certainly password protected, it might not necessarily be secure. The inconvenient truth is that hackers and spyware grow more sophisticated every day. Multifactor authentication does exist on some email systems; however, even with this added security, the fact remains that sending sensitive financial information via email leaves you vulnerable unless the messages are properly encrypted. Email, in general, is susceptible to eavesdropping, identity theft, and unprotected backups where plain text copies of your emails could be replicated and stored without your knowledge. Knowing these pitfalls, online transactions overall are more secure.

Additional Benefits to Online Transactions:

MYACCESS provides a complete audit trail of transactions including:

  1. Pending order screens
  2. Transaction confirmations
  3. Monthly statements

MYACCESS allows for appropriate internal checks and balances.

  1. Signatories having online transaction capabilities
  2. Signatories with view-only capabilities
  3. Allows you to check and verify your own work
  4. Eliminates periodic processing errors

The team at NYCLASS constantly strives to make your NYCLASS experience as convenient as possible. We like you to think of us as an extension of your staff! Should you have any questions establishing your MYACCESS account, contact us at (855) 804-9980 or


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